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Thursday, February 24, 2005

Going Public

Isn't it amazing - one day they're taking your photo, the next you're in the paper. Not that I knew anything about it!

Quite a nice article really, considering I was being warned about the 'dangers of the press'. Sadly they didn't print my website address, but at least I have the article to use as a bit of leverage for sponsorship and things.

The website is now fully up and running (thanks again Mr Emery) so I will be spreading the word.

I have been pushed into 'going public' at work, partly by the newspaper article and partly so I tell them before they find out for themselves, type of thing. Maybe something will come out of that, but I can probably resign myself to not getting a promotion over the next 18 months now! Hey ho.

As a final thought, it feels a bit weird all this 'coming out'. I am taking myself beyond the stage where I can just say 'actually, I don't fancy it. I think I'll stay here'. It's becoming more and more real, despite still being 18 months away, and I'm gradually moving on from just planning and thinking about it, to realising I'm actually going to do it.

It's a bit scary, but I like it.


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