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Friday, November 11, 2005


I realised the other day that the one year anniversary of the idea for Avoiding Europe passed the other day without me noticing (well - I did notice - it was my birthday. But I didn't realise.) Have a look at my first ever post on here, if you don't believe me.

So what has been achieved over the last year? Well, I've planned the route in as detailed a way as I would like before I leave. I've worked out how much money and equipment I'll need and started saving accordingly. I've bought a large amount of that equipment - including the bike. I have set up sponsorship for the British Heart Foundation through my website. There was a feature about me in the paper. I got a website set up. And some business cards printed. I did a training ride in France, covering about 800 miles in eleven days cycling, on my own. I've read a lot about cycle touring and all the countries I'll be visiting (especially the Eastern European ones).

In short, quite a bloody lot. So its not been a total waste of time. I just hope the next year is as productive.


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