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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

From France

I thought I'd just do a quick one, seeing as I am actually in France, on 'The France Trip'.

I will post a more detailed account when I get back, but for now here's what's been happening:

I got down to the place near Figeac, where I was heading, a day ahead of when I expected to. I had judged the mileage about right, but being the stubborn little git that I am, I pushed myself and got ahead of time. The last day was the longest and hardest as I was in the Massif Central region (mountains!), but I did 101 miles in about eight and a half hours cycling. Here are my approximate daily mileages (with no rest days):


After a week of partying I decided I didn't want to do the same route in reverse, so got a lift up to Le Mans. With 5 days to get back to St Malo, this week is a bit easier. I did about 50 miles down to the river Loir yesterday, and have followed the river west for about 30 miles today. I will probably do another ten or so to find a campsite for tonight, then four days up to St Malo for the ferry home.

It's nice to have a bit more time to relax and look around, instead of cycling all the time, as I was in the first week. I just wish I had brought another book with me to read. Today I resorted to buying a book in French due to the lack of English books around. My French isn't great, but maybe this will improve it? Who knows, but it's better than no book!


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