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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Moving on

That last post turned into a bit of a rant, which wasn't my intention.

There are, in fact, positive things happening in avoidingeurope world (that sounds weird).

The bike is on order (as you know), I now have all my luggage to go on the bike and will be picking up the last of the 'bits' from the Post Office on Saturday. So basically, once the bike arrives, I'm ready to go! In theory.

I also got my 'business cards' in the post yesterday, which are cool. They don't say much - just the website really - but it saves me writing it down on a post-it every time I mention it to someone. Plus they use the same design as the website (thanks to Mr Emery AGAIN!) so I have a sort of running theme identity thing going on. Which is nice.

What else? I'm finalising the details for the Summer France training adventure. I've now got detailed maps so can properly plan a route down there. The main problem I'm encountering is the ferries. A return ticket for one, with bike, to St Malo is going to cost me £186! That's what I thought. I'm sure they do £30 each way for a car with four people, or something. Maybe I should just pretend I'm a car. If the people who answer the phones at the ticket booking place are anything to go by no one will notice.


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