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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Spending Money

Once again I feel I have to remind you that a lack of entries into this Blog is, again, purely due to nothing having happened.

I feel somewhat obliged to write something, however, to cater for the unlikely event of anybody actually reading this.

Anyway - onwards and upwards. Upwards towards Manchester in fact, where I'm going this weekend. Bike buying time is nearly upon me and I have reduced my options to three possible machines. During my week off next week I will be visitng numbers one and two (in no particular order) - Hewitt (near Blackpool) and Thorn (in Somerset). Both independent bike shops who claim their bikes are the 'best value tourers in the country'. Whether that is true is, hopefully, what I will be finding out.

Number three is a slightly more simple affair, being an 'off the peg' model by a company called Dawes, which you can find at most local bike shops.

All three cost about the same, all three look about the same, so it's my mission to find out which one 'does it' for me.


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