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Monday, May 23, 2005

Reality Check

So I've planned the trip, made a website, bought some equipment, grovelled for sponsorship and told everyone and their dog about it - now what? Oh yeah - I suppose I'd better try out this cycling lark hadn't I!

My first 'proper' ride over the weekend saw me cruising over to Winchester and back - around 34 miles in all. And it was fine. Fun, in fact, which is rather a relief. Admittedly, going up the never-ending hills on the way back with the wind against me, I did manage a swear word or two. And my bum and legs hurt a bit. But I will get used to that in time, I hope, as my fitness/bum-saddle relationship improves.

This weekend I'm planning double the distance with a fully laden bike, two days in a row. Nothing like throwing yourself in at the deep end is there!

Aside from all that practical stuff, I received my first sponsorship package this morning - a box of 100 Nike puncture repair kits. I'm selling them to anyone who will buy them at £2 each or 3 for £5. Website to be updated with details soon, but email me in the mean time if you have a desperate need to fix a bike puncture/rubber ring/armbands/bouncy castle etc. and I will sort you out!


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