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Thursday, December 01, 2005

More Training

Finally something proper to write about!

I've said all along that part of my preparation would be to cycle End to End (or LEJOG, if you prefer). Partly for the training, partly because it would be a good way to tick 'the UK' off of my Europe list and partly...well, just for the fun of it really.

Easter next year was my rough target for this and I have just realised that, actually, it's not that far away. It's not too bad though - thanks to the France trip I have pretty much all the equipment I need. The only things I really need to do are sort out the route and the logistics - I live nowhere near either Lands End or John O'Groats. And make sure I'm in decent physical shape.

So that's what I'm doing. I bought the maps today. Slightly bigger (or is it smaller?) scale than I wanted - I liked the 1: 180000 maps I used in France. You can get a UK version of them, but they don't have contour lines on them. I've gone for some OS maps this time - 1: 250000. They have contours and campsites, which is a bonus (although I know from experience not to rely on the campsites actually existing).

And I need to work out which way round I want to do it. Do I want to finish in Cornwall or Scotland? Decisions decisions...