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Thursday, February 24, 2005

Going Public

Isn't it amazing - one day they're taking your photo, the next you're in the paper. Not that I knew anything about it!

Quite a nice article really, considering I was being warned about the 'dangers of the press'. Sadly they didn't print my website address, but at least I have the article to use as a bit of leverage for sponsorship and things.

The website is now fully up and running (thanks again Mr Emery) so I will be spreading the word.

I have been pushed into 'going public' at work, partly by the newspaper article and partly so I tell them before they find out for themselves, type of thing. Maybe something will come out of that, but I can probably resign myself to not getting a promotion over the next 18 months now! Hey ho.

As a final thought, it feels a bit weird all this 'coming out'. I am taking myself beyond the stage where I can just say 'actually, I don't fancy it. I think I'll stay here'. It's becoming more and more real, despite still being 18 months away, and I'm gradually moving on from just planning and thinking about it, to realising I'm actually going to do it.

It's a bit scary, but I like it.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005


Two posts on the first day. I'm amazing myself.

My first proper update though. I've just set up my own sponsorship page on the British Heart Foundation website where you can, presumably, give them your money. You'll find the link on my website.

Website - that reminds me. In a frantic rush following the Echo visit today, webiste creator extraordinaire Mr Roger Emery is, as we speak (well, as I speak, or type, if you like) putting together a temporary site to please the punters. The 'real' site is currently in production and will, hopefully, be displaying the talents of an anonymous person very shortly.

Am I allowed to, or should I, put peoples names on here? I don't know. I've done it now. Tell me if you don't like it.

edit: apparently I'm not!

In the beginning...

This is it then. My trip Blog. Wow...I feel suddenly nervous.

Although it's about one year six months until the start of the trip proper, there is so much going on at the moment that I thought I had better start this Blog. This will hopefully serve many purposes, not least as an online journal to track my progress both in preparation and mileage.

I guess I had better bring it up to speed then.

Well, I'm about four months into this - that is, four months from the point when I decided I was actually going to do this. I have had the idea in the back of my mind for years. November 6 2004 (my 27th birthday) is the date I consider to be the birthday of this...umm...thing.

Anyway - four months in. I have a fairly good idea of my exact route, which needs a bit of tweaking to avoid/incorporate certain mountian ranges, depending on how I feel. But basically it is done. I have sent around 30 letters to various people asking for money, equipment, TV coverage, toilet paper etc. and have so far had nothing but negative response. I am still waiting on 'The Big Ones', namely the bike manufacturers and cycling specific equipment people.

I have had some contact with the British Heart Foundation, who seem to be happy that I have chosen to support them, but haven't indicated that I need to do anything beyond that thought! They do, quite rightly, point out that the start of my trip is still quite a way off, though.

What else? Oh yeah - the Echo took my photo today (wear my BHF t-shirt) and an article on me should be out by the end of this week. I'm not really sure what it's going to say, or, to be honest, why I put myself up for it. I mean, what will I actually gain from it? Apart from the fact that my employers will now know that I plan to piss off in just over a year!

My monthly savings scheme is in full force and I am just about managing to survive £326 lighter each month. It's not easy though, and it nearly annoys me sometimes that it is money, and money alone, that is stopping me leaving sooner. I've already put the start date back a year! Money eh? Crap, isn't it. £326 a month is peanuts to some people. That's life I suppose.

Anyway - before I drag this first post down any further. What else?

Well, I've started training to an extent. My 1 mile cycle ride home every night is now about 5 miles. I'm enjoying it mostly, which is a relief considering.

I think I'll leave it there for now. Too much for one post already, but a reasonable 'background' post to get this up to speed.