Thoughts and tales from the saddle - on my own in Europe.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Not long to go!

Six months would normally seem like quite a long time. It is, after all, around half of the time I'm expecting to be away! But it's not actually that long, considering what I have to do in that time. A brief list:

Finalise my equipment and buy remaining items.
Hand in my notice at work (woo hoo).
Cancel the contract and move out of the flat.
Transfer the car insurance to my brother.
Change all my contact addresses to my parents house.
Arrange storage for all my worldly posessions.
Choose a date and book the ferry to France.

Ok, so it's not actually that much, but it's exciting that I'm finally reaching the stage when these things actually need to be done, as opposed to being on a long list of 'things to do nearer the time'. Riding off the ferry with nothing pressing on my time, other than where I want to go next, has seemed like an almost impossible dream for a long time now, but it seems like it will finally become a reality. In truth, it scares me the closer I get to it, but it also excites me more and more. I'll finally stop wondering what it would be like and start finding out.