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Saturday, June 02, 2007

Conversation with a Policeman

(A Police car pulls up in front of me, facing me, and two police-people (a man and a woman) get out and stop me in the road)

(In French)

Policeman: Hello

Percy: Hello

PM: Have you just been riding on that road? (Points to the road behind me, the sliproad of which he's just watched me ride up)

P: Yes.

PM: (Looking stern and astounded) You can't cycle on there!

P: Oh, right. Ok. (Consider looking bothered and apologetic but can't manage it so give him my best Gallic Shrug)

PM: See that sign there? (Points to a big blue sign with a white outline of a car on it)

P: Yes.

PM: That means you can't cycle on it. Cars only.

P: Really? I thought if I wasn't allowed there would be a sign with a bike on it and a big cross through it, or something like that.

PM: No.

P: Oh, ok. (Another Gallic Shrug)

PM: When it is a dual carriageway you aren't allowed on it.

P: Ok. I thought it was just these roads with the white and yellow in them I wasn't allowed on (point at map). I've been following this road since Andorra - I didn't have a choice.

PM: It's dangerous.

P: I know it is! I didn't have another choice - there was only one road.

PM: Well now you can go on the smaller road alongside this one.

P: Yes, that's what I was going to do.

PM: Good. Well, Bon Courage!

P: Bye!


  • At 6:52 am, Anonymous Pete said…

    Middle of bleedin' nowhere and you get pulled by the rozzers!!? You are a veritable magnet sir!! ;o)

  • At 5:03 pm, Blogger Mike said…

    'Le Rozeaurs' surely


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