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Friday, June 29, 2007

Day 109 - Cavaillon - South-East France

The weather in Provence at the moment is just about perfect. Hot, cloudless days, warm evenings and cool nights. I was sitting overlooking the Rhone last night, with a cold beer, trying to imagine a time when this lifestyle might get a bit boring. I couldn't, so had another beer just to think about it a bit more.

The stuttering restart after the holiday continued for a few days after Rodez, with a stomach upset in Millau necessitating another day off and a few easier days in the saddle. I think I'm pretty much back to fitness now, having just done four days of riding reasonable distances.

Some of the landscape here reminds me of Spain - fertile, hilly - but in Spain you don't get welcoming French towns every 15 miles. I say welcoming, and they are, but they are also pretty dead, still. I do enjoy their relaxed lifestlye and I'm still happy in my own company (you may be amazed to hear) but just occassionally it would be nice for a bit more life, or at least the choice.

I'm going to stay inland for a while, heading to the Verdon Gorge, then go down to the coast around the Nice area, ready to cross the border into Italy, which I will be doing on the coast - you don't get much choice!


  • At 9:45 am, Blogger Roger said…

    ""Hot, cloudless days, warm evenings and cool nights.""

    Monsoon rain and mud here - wonderful!


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