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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

A few things

-I have a new phone now but I have lost all the numbers, so if you do text me let me know who you are. I have had a few already. (Can someone tell Floppy when you see him, please? Ta.)

-Browsing my funky Clustermaps thing on the right there, I note that there are people who regularly read this in Norway, Italy, Eatern USA...somewhere in the Far East. Just out of curiosity, say hello sometime, eh? I know who some of the big dots in strange places are, but not others.

-err...that's it actually. I'll fill this up with some random thoughts: Italian ice cream is nice - I had banana sorbet last night. I haven't seen a cloud for about two weeks. The rear hub on my bike has a crack in it and needs replacing - I hope I can get that done before it collapses. I swam in the sea earlier today, it was nice but I cut my foot on a rock getting out. I have a square of sunburn in the middle of my back, where I can't reach with the cream. I've stopped using a sleeping bag at night. I found a cool beach bar last night - they were playing Bob, which is always a good sign. I watched the sun set behind the mountains. I have seven mosquito bites at the moment. Camping in this heat isn't that much fun. I'm getting free food in bars around here - something I haven't had since Spain. I'm going for some now.


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